For the past six years, CSO Week has been a cornerstone event, bringing together over 3000 civil society actors to engage in vibrant discussions on topics crucial to Tanzanias future. Evolving from its inception as a platform for engagement with the government, CSO Week has grown into a renowned event recognized for its effective methodologies and impactful dialogue.

CSO Week 2024 Objectives

Envisioning & Ideating

To visualize, imagine, and explore together with the private and public sector what Tanzania will be by 2050...

Tactics: Design the future that CSOs want through ideation, foresight, and future scoping sessions.


To amplify and create an avenue for critical voices, voices not always heard...

Tactics: Collaborate with young & BOLD voices that advocate for good governance, human rights, and social justice...

Dialoguing & Deconferencing

To hold an intergenerational and inclusive forum so that more voices can contribute to the country's progressive vision through their sectoral value adds...

Tactics: Transform exhibition to impact spaces.


To be an active platform for involved & effective civic engagement around, envisioning the Tanzania we want, not just as civil society but together with other development players in Tanzania including government...

Tactics: Expand the space for civic engagement so as to provide people with a more direct role in agenda setting and shaping of public decisions making for a more inclusive and responsive governance.


To forge new and strengthen existing collectives aimed at addressing key development attributes for Vision 2050 and create synergies for implementation and accountability...

Tactics: Create synergies for implementation and accountability.


To inspire Citizen agency, Citizen participation, & encourage government accountability...

Tactics: Ensure as many voices are captured.

Thematic Direction

Under the theme Voice, Vision, Value, CSO Week 2024 emphasizes inclusive participation, collective aspiration, and tangible outcomes. By aligning our efforts towards a shared vision and delivering real value to Tanzanians, we can drive progress and prosperity for all.

Event Management

CSO Week 2024 will be co-managed by a collaborative group of civil society organizations, ensuring greater ownership and inclusivity. With a focus on youth involvement and centering, the event will feature a range of activities designed to empower young changemakers.

Key Activities