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Theme: Tech x Society: Then, Now, and Beyond

Technology and society have always evolved together in a symbiotic relationship. As technology advances, it transforms society, which in turn shapes the development
of future technologies. The interplay between technology and society has defined human progress throughout history.

Today, we have entered an era of rapid technological change that is radically impacting every facet of society. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and quantum computing are creating new opportunities while also raising complex ethical questions. The digital revolution has connected the world but also disrupted traditional institutions and ways of life.

The theme "Tech x Society: Then, Now, and Beyond" captures the dynamic journey we are on. By reflecting on the past, examining the present, and imagining the future, we can thoughtfully steer technology's influence on society. Civil society organizations have a crucial role to play in advocating human-centric policies and progress that harness technology for social good.

This CSO Week offers an opportunity to bring together diverse voices to have thoughtful debates, share ideas and inspire each other. It is a starting point for envisioning the society we want to build and how technology can be directed to empower it.



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Nesia Mahenge


Nesia Mahenge is the Country Director of CBM International, an organisation specialising in international development on disability and inclusion. She has worked in various sectors, including public health, business management, inclusive climate change, and corporate governance.

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Aidan Eyakuze


Aidan Eyakuze is the Executive Director of Twaweza East Africa. Twaweza works to enable children to learn, citizens to exercise agency, and governments to be more open and responsive in Tanzania , Kenya, and Uganda.

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Esteemed Expert Asha D. Abinallah, a trailblazing CEO and award-winning Woman in Tech for 2022, empowers women, bridging societal challenges at Tech & Media Convergency (TMC), shaping the future of technology.

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Francis Kiwanga, Executive Director of the Foundation for Civil Society, previously led LHRC and Matrix Attorneys, with expertise in grants management and governance while serving on organizational boards.

Questions & Answers

Mostly Asked Questions

The CSO Week is an annual platform for engagement between civil society organizations (CSOs) and between CSOs and the government in Tanzania. It features exhibitions, discussions, networking, and outreach events.
The theme for 2023 is "Tech x Society: Then, Now, and Beyond." This highlights the historical and current interplay between technology and society, and prompts thinking about the future impacts of technology on society and civil society.
CSO Week is organized by a group of CSOs in Tanzania, led by the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS)
Over 500 participants are expected to attend CSO Week 2023.
The inaugural CSO Week was held in Dodoma, Tanzania in October 2018.
There are various ways to get involved, such as registering to attend, requesting to host a session, sponsoring the event, or participating in exhibitions, discussions, networking and outreach events.

Event Venue

  • Venue: Arusha International Conference Centre (AICC)
  • Arusha-Tanzania
  • +255 22 – 2664890
  • [email protected]